Stuff I’ve Written


  • Knocker – Spotlight Winner in the Jan/Feb 2021 issue of Eclectica Magazine
  • Adrian’s Affinity – audio dramatisation on Season 2 of Pendust Radio
  • Daffodils – The Write Launch
  • Strange Attractors – Prose Online
  • Happy Place – The Write Launch (semi-finalist in the 2021 Conium Review Innovative Short Fiction Contest judged by Elle Nash)

Medium posts

I share perspectives and life advice on topics ranging from freelance writing and productivity to ADD and cinema. Follow me here.

Other places where I have a presence

  • I have an author page on Feedough!
  • I also write profesh stuff on LinkedIn.
  • For some miscellaneous articles on topics ranging from bitcoin to ice fishing – click here.
  • Here’s my page on Thrive Global.
  • And on YourStory.
  • Here’s my Spreaker podcast.
  • And the Anchor version of this blog (basically, all of the written posts in audio).

Any other articles that you see tagged Deya Bhattacharya (including but not limited to legal pieces) were likely written by the human rights lawyer who shares my name. And no, we’re not related.

Work with me?

I write a ton of content for brands in education, customer service, ecommerce, healthcare, accounting, analytics and SaaS. If you’d like me to write for you, hit me up on LinkedIn or email me at